Internet of Things (IoT)

We are running through the era of the internet of things, millions of integrated circuits are communicating with each other using internet technology. As we are moving towards the development of a highly integrated heterogeneous system containing analog, digital, software, physical & biological components. it is highly challenging to achieve robust operations and System on chip (SoC) design. Wireless Communication & Technology are also playing a vital role in developing the internet of things.

Whats New

Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform is established which allows you to visualize the data in tabular and graphical form. you can upload your data to this cloud via ESP8266,ESP32 wifi module or any equivalent device with up to 16 different wireless nodes. There is no limtation of data update rate. When you first register and then log in you will get an api_key this will be the unique key on which you will send the data. For a complete transfer link, you need to login.

Multipurpose IoT Cloud:
IoTAlways for Education and hobbyst

Quick way to to visualize and log data with esp8266, ESP32, GSM or equivalent hardware. Smaple codes and details are available on Hardware section.

IoTAlways for General purpose

Make Iot applications to monitor Power usage, solar monitring, weather monitring, and many more with this free cloud.

Realtime IoT Cloud

Multiple IoT nodes can send the data with 1 second internal to this cloud. Total of 16 parameters can be mesaured and displayed, however one can send only one parameter or all. All the parameters are accessible at single page and these are also customizable from config menu, depending on the requirements. Demo


IoT Charts

Upto 16 parameters can be recorded in form of charts, with interval of 11 seconds, the chart is zoomable, clickable and parameters selectable. By default only one parameters is clicked after fully viewing one can click other 16 parameters, maximum 24 hours record is accessible. Charts provide insightful snapshot into the current state of IoT. Other features include store chart data into into CSV, pdf, xls, png etc. Demo


IoT gauges

Graphical gauges are also installed which generate animated, dynamic, highly configurable linear/radial gauges. the response of each gauge is 1 seconds, total of 16 gauges can be selected. Demo


Realtime GPS tracking cloud

Want to make and arduino based GPS tracker! Realtime GPS tracking webserver is established in which you can track your vehicle using GPRS modules. The format of the link includes latitude, longitude, speed in km/h and Vehicle battery voltage.